Saturday, September 8, 2012

Being where God wants you to be! - INTRO

Maz and I arrived here today - and it certainly lives up to its name; it is very much a Neopolitan city, full of colour, vitality and much much more. We came here forgone reason- to see two places that are well known yet inexperienced by both of us. Maz has visited here many years ago but this is my first time. Tomorrow we take a guided tour of Pompei and on Sunday we will visit the Island of Capri. Beyond these two experiences, we have little interest in this place other than to take in what we can.  Maz has sustained an injury to here foot while away and today pulled a muscle in her back in transit to the airport so our walking needs to be limited and this has given me much time the last few days to reflect on the where it is that God has called me to be.

My Facebook status a few days ago reflected something of the Spirit's prompting in my life in recent weeks. Away from the immediacy of ministry responsibilities in Melbourne, I have reflected on what it is that drives much of my approach to life but I will come back to that thought in a short while.

In the meantime, allow me to reminisce a little.  Some say of me that I am driven by something or someone and that is why I approach life and work the way I do.  Others have said to me over the years "don't you have a life?" as if to say that there is more to life than "work". In my mid teenage years I sensed Gods call upon my life to serve him with all that I had. Initially I thought that would be as a PE teacher, using sport to communicate the truth of the gospel. God clearly took me in a different direction and I commenced Nurse training, met Maz and together we responded to Gods call for local church evangelism. I recall returning to the nurses home late one Sunday night to be greeted by some nurses in my group surprised that I would be "at church" so long. I explained that I had driven a few of the young people home and they lived in different directions. They could not understand why I would use so much time up driving tens of kilometres returning young people home. When I explained that this was part of what God had called me to to, they agreed that my approach to life was very different to theirs. Thirty three years later, things have not changed much. The context and specifics may vary but the internal conviction that continues to set my life agenda remains the same - God's call upon my life to live and breath for his glory.  Over the next few days I will post some reflections on "Being where God has called you to be" and in the process argue for the legitimacy and godliness of being driven by this call.

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